We are now recruiting international nurses for going to US offering:

  • Green card for candidate and family
  • Basic salary from 52.000-72.000$ per year (it depends on the State and the candidate’s experience)
  • Medical insurance
  • 15-20 working holiday days.

States we have offers for: Texas, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, North Dakota, Florida, Maryland.


  • IELTS with minimum general score of 6.5 or be close to that score
  • 1 year at least of experience on hospital setting (5 years for specialized positions). We don’t have positions for mental health nurses at the moment.
  • No recent gaps longer than 6 months (it depends on general experience)

Company will provide training for NCLEX.

Please watch this video for more info:



  • Just nurses, not health care assistants.
  • Candidates from any African country are welcome 😉

Please contact us by mail or WhatsApp to schedule an interview with one of our consultants: ±34620657490 Mail: angel@medikare.com.es